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Master Bedroom Decorating

Bedroom decorating can be a fascinating pursuit with the aim being to express a feeling of comfort, rest, and relaxation.

Ideally it is best to have the hard furnishings of the bedroom like wardrobes and dressing tables built in; consider having a separate dressing room altogether.

Avoid clutter in the master bedroom, avoid blending the bed into the background, make it the focal point of the bedroom; for this decorating purpose it is best not to have things like strip lighting, shelves, and wooden headboards, they cause the bed to look too wide and hard.

A cheap and easy way of decorating a bedroom is with a simple throw over cover on the bed. This decorating tip can look elegant and restful at an inexpensive price.

Use a rectangular cover made to stretch to within one inch of the floor, with the corners being rounded so as not to lie on the carpet.

Material choice can be velour with the edge trimmed with a heavy fringe of a blending colour.


This is a tricky area as headboards can rapidly assume too great a role in your bedroom decor.

For a high ceilinged bedroom a headboard that has a tapering shaped edge design is preferable allowing for the bed length to be balanced.

For low bedrooms it is best to keep proportions intact with a concave shape headboard.

If your bed covering is decorative use little decoration on the headboard as it creates an overly "busy" look. And what we are after is rest and soothing.......

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