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Venetian Tent

The frame to form the tent and to receive the canvas is composed of light manufactured iron work, and suited to receive decorative foliages which may be trained on wires under the roof in order to embower the whole without being vulnerable to much injury when the canvas ought to be added as showed in the design; and it will be obvious, that a great variety of such buildings may be contrived to suit the same canvas in part or whole, in order to form with ease and at pleasure, other tents of various shapes, or the whole building may be conveniently moved from place to place, if sockets were correctly placed at chosen situations to receive them; for the parts being connected by screws and nuts, and the awning canvas suspended by hooks and eyes, it would need but half an hour´s employment to take the tent down and replace it where required. In summer, such a temporary retreat is a pleasing addition to the house, and allows variety and healthyness to the activities of the day.

venetian tent

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