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Garden Poultry House

Every office building belonging to a house may be made subservient to the decoration of the grounds, and to such end the design of a poultry house is introduced. It may be placed in some secluded nook of the plantation, and an ornamental elevation presented to the walks, which are here made to pass near the margin of the water, and strong wire fences would confine the poultry, except such water-fowl as may be permitted to decorate it, restraining them from wandering, by a light surrounding fence.

This building should have its chief aspect toward the morning sun, that the inclosures may be divested of their damps at an early hour, and allow to the poultry the benefit of its rays it must be amply screened from the cold and prevailing winds, and so wisely sheltered by trees, that at all times of the hottest day some parts may be in shade, and if possible, a rill of water ought to be conveyed through the enclosures. The floor is best developed of sand or fine gravel, and it must not be forgotten that cleanliness and free ventilation are essential to success in the management of poultry. A small grass paddock ought to be situated in the rear into which the fowls may be occasionally admitted.

Poultry House

It is correct to keep the roosting places separate from the nest rooms, for the laying fowls seek hidement for their nests, and are readily disturbed by the intrusion and noises of their companions.


The economy of home fowls of every kind is an agreeable study, and such a building would allow interesting amusement, as its accompaniments consist of many varieties of animated nature. A pigeon house may correctly form a part of this building, and be rendered accessible through the cieling in the centre of the roof.

The poultry house ought to be built on a dry soil, and as near to the farm or stable yard as possible, without subjecting the horses and other animals to be disturbed by its noises - these are so frequent and alarming to animals, that without such care much injury has sometimes been sustained, and particularly by breeders of valuable horses.

The pheasantry is a building also allowing considerable interest and amusement, and is well suited to the more decorateed portions of shrubberies - they require very similar arrangements of space and shelter, and are more than equally in need of choice of sun and shade; they requirealso the addition of sheltered outdoor roosts, which the birds sometimes prefer even in cold and inclement weather; opportunity of privacy, free ventilation and great cleanliness are essential to the pheasantry.

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