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By the lawn is meant that portion of grass-plat which lies between the house and the pasture, and which is constantly kept mown, forming a verdant carpet on which the building stands, and among the improvements that have resulted from the modern practice of gardening it merits particular notice, for in small houses it is a substitute for the broad gravel or stone terraces that were formerly adopted, it now receives the inbatants from the windows of the apartments; and, in fact, the lawn has become a favorite auxiliary to every apartment of the ground floor.

The lawn is usually separated from the pasture by a light iron fence, from parks by a ha ha or sunk fence and terrace, as before described; its decorations are beds of choice shrubs and flowers, developed upon it of various shapes, and by single ever-green trees or shrubs growing from the grass, and which ought to be distributed upon the same principles as are described ill the subject upon planting in general : if these are judicially disposed they will harmonize the landscape with the building, and dismiss the nakedness that too ordinarily prevails in the lawns of villas in general. From the interior this decorative planting will carry forward the richness and furnished effect of the apartments, and obviate that abrupt and ugly difference that seems otherwise to prevail between them and the external scenery.

Small ornamental seats of China or porcelain, rustic or fanciful chairs vases, and basket work borders to the flower-beds are furniture of the lawn; and the tent or marquee is in summer an important accompaniment. The lawn is in general very much restricted in point of size, from the labour that is imagined to be necessary to keep it mown: but this is a great error-possibly proceeding from the silly habit that the mower has of indicating his industry, by the frequent use of the gritstone in sharpening his scythe; and generally at the time of the morning when such noises are most tormenting.

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