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Garden Dairy

This building is designed in imitation of the ruins of a church or chapel, formerly belonging to a small sequestered religious establishment, and meant to be placed, as those houses generally are, by the side of a piece of still water, as if developed for the purpose of being a stew for the preservation of fish, and to which it may be appropriated; or built by the side of a river, as if to partake of the benefit that would accrue from a succession of fresh - water fish that would be caught in the different wears placed in the stream.

Garden Dairy

The place on which the building is supposed to be erected, is in a retired part of a person's estate, who farms his own land, and has an extensive dairy farm under his own direction, and who would build it to be at one and the same time an object of attraction to his visitors, as well as a place of home for the person entrusted with the superintendence of the dairy.

Though the outside of that part of the building which consti- tutes the supposed chapel is meant to bear the appearance of the dilapidations of time, the inside is meant to be handsomely finished with Gothic decorations - at least it was originally so designed, having been prepared for actual execution. The place was surrounded by higher ground, whence a spring issued, and as a cascade, fell into the lake, on the margin of which the building was proposed to stand. At an adequate height a small stream was separated, and continued underground, with the intention to conduct it, in a small channel, round the pavement of the chapel, and from thence into the river ; bringing, by that means, a constant current of air, that would prevent atmospheric stagnation, and render the building at all times wholesome and of even temperature.

The lower building extending on the side of the chapel, was to be constructed for a scalding apartment, and for preserving the dairy implements in that state of cleanliness and purity which, is so necessary for the welfare of such a delicate establishment, and on which so much of its prosperity depends.

This picturesque dairy ought to be placed at the end of the pleasure grounds, and the door of communication approached by devious walks: From the perspective delineation of the plan, this is hidden from sight, and must be imagined, as well as the home for those entrusted with the management of the farm; while that part of the erection which has been stated as the boiling room, apparently communicates with the meadows, where the kine may be supposed to be grazing.

The bell is placed upoim the principal roof, not merely to have a picturesque and appropriate appearance, but for the useful purpose of summoning the herdsmen to drive the cattle to the stalls, as well as to call the milk-maids to their duties. Surrounded by well grown plantations, the appearance of the building would become interesting, and if backed by foliage of many - tinted green, occasionally hidden, and then bursting on the sight, it would enrich the home-grounds, and decorate the neighbourhood.

The inside of the building was proposed to allow accommodation on marble shelves for a considerable number of pans, in simple arrangement, and with the introduction of stained glass at each window, it would produce a pleasing sensation, and embrace the pleasing consideration - that the edifice was built for profit as well as pleasure. The charm of the whole is meant to be heightened by the cheerfulness and neatness of the lighter coloured material with which the interior would be cased, in contrast to the more sober grey hue of the stone with which the outer walls ought to be erected.

Woodbines, jessamines, ivy, and other aspirants may be trained up the blank wall next the pleasure ground; while the part appropriated for business would merely require space, and the charms of regularity and cleanliness.

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