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Garden Coppice

The uses to which the produce of coppices are applicable, and by which they become valuable property, make a part of the present subject no further than they are subservient to garden decorations: to this purpose the ordinary thinnings of coppices may be applied. The pictured designs show the forms in which the hazel, the sallow, and the ash could be tastefully used. The first design represents three fences of unbarked wood, fastened together by thongs stripped from other branches, and the uprights made firm by insertion into the ground.

The second design is also for a fence of the same materials, with a gate at each extremity; the forms may be infinitely varied, without difficulty, by any tasteful imagination. The third line consists of three designs for garden fence gates, and the fourth line, of hurdles, or short and portable fences, which, when many are put together in the manner of sheep- folds, adequately protect from ordinary injuries.


Fences of this description may be made by the gardener, in which he may also construct alcoves, avenues, espaliers, and garden seats of corresponding character. These means are not correct as exterior inclosures, unless for small ornamental cottages, which have also the protection of an embankment and hollow, in the manner of a sunk fence: in this way they become very ornamental. Similar materials may be used as basket-work fences to shrubberies; and upon a smaller scale, to flower beds and borders.

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