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Garden Cenotaph

It is justly observed by a celebrated writer on the decorations of gardens, that they are usually uninteresting from want of variety, and insipid, as they induce no sentiment beyond what springs from garden beauty, although their object is, to fill the mind by varied incident and contrasting subject. To this truth, however, many of our best gardens are tasteful exceptions; and fashion is again adopting the aid of architecture and sculpture towards multiplying the means by which a wise change and interest are created, which she once abandoned; because mere eye-traps and grotesque absurdities were substituted for works of real art, and intrusively thrust upon the observer at every turn and alley of the plantations.


The pictured design is meant not merely as an decoration, but as the model for some monument of veneration, esteem, or respect for departed worth or friendship. Its situation in grounds would correctly be a place adapted and exclusively devoted to solitude and meditation.

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